Canada opens consultations on Clean Electricity Standard to achieve net-zero grid


In hopes of developing Canada's Clean Electrical Standard (CES) and accelerate progress toward a net-zero electricity grid by 2035, Steven Guilbeault, Canadian Minister of Environment and Climate Change, launched consultations on Tuesday.

According to a press release from the Canadian government, work on clean power will be critical to meet Canada's ambitious emissions reduction targets of 40 to 45% below 2005 levels by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2050. Currently, 82% of Canada's electricity comes from non-emitting sources.

As stated by the press release, moving to a net-zero grid by 2035 will provide enormous economic opportunities and job vacancies, while allowing the country to maintain its global leadership in competitive fields.

A Clean Electricity Standard, like other important regulatory initiatives, is designed to stimulate investment in the clean technology needed to propel Canada's electricity sector forward to a sustainable future.

Furthermore, the government's statement pointed out that the creation of a Clean Electricity Standard “must be a collaborative process between the federal government, provinces, territories, Indigenous groups, utilities, business, and interested Canadians.”

By providing a clear framework for provinces and territories to plan and operate their grids, all while ensuring that Canadians have access to reliable power at affordable prices, the strategy boosts the economy's competitiveness

On February 14, the government announced the Future Electricity Fund, which will reinvest CA$79.5 million (US$62.7 million) in sustainable electricity projects at electricity-generating plants as part of the Output-Based Pricing System (OBPS).

For the electrical industry, current federal climate plans include an unabated coal phase-out by 2030, natural gas electricity emission regulations, and carbon pollution pricing.

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