Bristol film company to be powered by 1 MWp rooftop solar array


Bristol film company to be powered by 1 MWp rooftop solar array


British film and television production studio, the Bottle Yard Studios, will have its new premium facility TBY2 powered by more than 2,000 solar arrays, the biggest community-owned solar rooftop array in the West of England.

The 1MWp solar array is funded by Bristol Energy Cooperative (BEC). The energy company said that the excess electricity generated by solar rooftop array will be sent back to Bristol, helping meet the city’s goal of carbon-neutral by 2030.

Bristol Energy Cooperative project developer Will Houghton explained that solar arrays are usually designed to cover small roof areas to reduce cost, but they decided to aim for higher green energy generation to tackle climate crisis. 

“The amount of energy this array is capable of generating could power more than 250 average Bristol households per year,” he added.

Over time, extra energy produced at TBY2 will be used through the City Leap Sleeved Pool electricity supply model approved by Bristol City Council’s Cabinet earlier this year. To reduce energy consumption from non-renewable energy sources, the model connects buildings and "sleeves" excess energy produced in one building over to another.

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