Greece to issue 1 GW joint renewable power tender for solar, wind


The Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) of Greece is about to launch a new 1 GW joint renewables tender for PV and wind power on Sept. 5 with a target of securing 1 GW of solar capacity. 

The tender targets solar projects with size larger than 1 MW and wind projects with a size bigger than 60 kW. Energy communities will be allowed to apply to participate in the auction.

RAE has set the tender’s subscription rule at 80%, which means, for example, a solar plant with 180 MW capacity is eligible for a bid of 100 MW PV capacity. The authority assumes that this rule ensures the competitiveness of the auction.

Bids will start at € 54 ($ 55) / MWh for PV and € 63 / MWh for wind projects. Solar projects that secure the tender should connect to the grid within 30 months after the auction, while wind power projects can are given 36 months to complete grid-connection.

Interested participants need to submit their electronic applications by Aug. 8 and hard copies of their applications by Aug. 10. Results of the qualification review will be published by Aug. 25.

Greece has raised its renewables target for 2030 from 18.9 GW under the previous plan to 25 GW. This means that more energy storage systems should be installed to balance the system and ensure its proper function.

In order to procure around 3 GW of renewables including energy storage, Greece has planned a few additional competitive tenders up to 2024.

In 2023, the country will hold another two joint solar and wind power tenders for 600 MW of capacity, as well as two 100 MW tenders for small PV and wind power systems.

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