Iberia rolls out carbon offset programme for customers


Iberia rolls out carbon offset programme for customers


Spanish airline Iberia has launched the CO2labora, a new carbon offsetting scheme, allowing customers to support two certified climate projects through carbon offsetting.

Through the CO2labora programme, customers can calculate the emissions based on aircraft type, weather and the airline cabin travelled in.

Customers can then choose to offset these emissions from their flights through two projects in the Latin American countries of Guatemala and Peru.

“Through the Iberia Group's carbon footprint calculator, customers will know the emissions of their trip and the equivalent monetary investment will be calculated for their compensation through the certified climate projects that Iberia offers,” said the airline in a statement.

Once they have completed their booking process, Iberia and Iberia Express customers can offset their carbon footprint at any time by clicking on “Compensate your Footprint,” or, after the flight, by accessing the sustainability section of the airlines’ websites.

The emissions compensation platform is developed in collaboration with specialist company Chooose. Earlier this year, the group set up a similar programme for corporate clients, giving them monthly reports detailing the carbon footprint of their trips and the ability to offset these emissions.

The two certified climate schemes being backed by Iberia include a project in Izabal, Guatemala which promotes the creation of new nature reserves and maintains existing natural forests.

The second project is in Peru’s Amazon jungle and focuses on the development of socially inclusive companies and the use of communal lands among several indigenous communities.

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