Indonesia’s renewable energy use hit 300 MW in 2022


Indonesia’s Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Ministry has revealed that the use of new and renewable energy (EBT) in 2022 reached 300 MW.

The EBT use realization reached 0.03% of the total EBT potential of 3,600 MW, Director Andriah Feby Misna of New and Renewable Energy at the Ministry said in Jakarta on June 13.

"Therefore, we clearly need to pursue EBT use in efforts to achieve the target of energy transition," Misna said during the Solar Panel System Launching event at the office of the Blue Bird Group in Jakarta.

The ESDM Ministry has set the target of reducing emissions by up to 358 million tons of CO2 equivalent in the energy sector by 2030.

"As of 2022, we have managed to lower the emission by 95 million tons of CO2 equivalent, and we expect to successfully further suppress the emission by up to 116 million tons by 2023," she said.

To achieve the target, the government is striving to realize 23% of the EBT mix by 2025. Currently, Indonesia’s energy mix has reached as much as 12.3%.

In addition, the government is also targeting to enable the country to meet its energy demand by solely using EBT by 2060.

As much as 708 GW of electricity is expected to be generated from EBT sources, with 400 GW (60%) being generated from battery-powered solar panels.

"We see that the solar panels have the potential to generate approximately 32.5 GW of electricity. As of May 2023, we had only used about 100 MW of electricity. Hence, the potential is huge," Misna pointed out.

Misna expressed the hope that solar panels will produce total of 900 MW of electricity by 2023 and 3.6 GW by 2025.

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