EV solutions in spotlight at Indonesia’s green transformation trade show


The Green Industrial Transformation Indonesia 2023, taking place in Jakarta from Aug. 9 to 12, brought together local and international brands to showcase the most innovative solutions and advanced technologies in green industries, with a focus on achieving a sustainable future.

One highlight from the trade fair was the emerging electric vehicle (EV) industry chain in the Southeast Asian market, attracting companies from various countries to expand business.

4MOD Technology, a French technology company, showcased a smart EV charging socket called Sparklin developed in collaboration with its partners. Sparklin is compatible with all types of EVs and facilitates charging services for facility management through cloud-based sharing services, including monitoring and charging for services and the electricity consumption related to charging, helping decarbonize the transport sector.


Sparklin EV charging socket

Sparklin is a 220V slow-charging socket compatible with all types of EVs

4MOD's COO Olav

4MOD COO Olav Pouw and Indonesia sales representative Arif Gunadi

Fast charging, usually features more than 7 kWh power output, is currently the most common type of charging outlet, but many EV owners mainly charge their vehicles at home, at work, or in parking lots, which takes a long time to charge and thus fast charging is unnecessary, CCO Olav Pouw of 4MOD Technology claimed.

Sparklin is a 220V slow-charging socket suitable for households. Although the socket features a maximum power output of 3.7 kWh only, it is around 75% cheaper than fast charging ones.

Making products more accessible, including offering more affordable pricing, is a key to promoting sustainability, Olav said.

According to Olav, the product has been tested for year and a half in France, with positive user feedback indicating its ease of use.

4MOD Technology’s core business consists of smart remote-control devices and IoT solutions from conceptualization to mass manufacturing. As a member of United Nations Global Compact Corporate, the company is dedicated to environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments, aiming to achieve true sustainability though innovative technology.

4MOD aims to practice ‘no greenwashing but true sustainability,’ said Olav, adding that the company prioritizes the product life cycle, considers the full scope of their environmental impacts and continues to make improvement, including carbon footprints, raw materials, and packaging.

Jakarta is the first step for Sparklin to enter the Southeast Asian market. 4MOD seeks to expand to other populous nations in the future, such as India and the Philippines, where they can leverage the advantage of large populations to enhance the value of product, benefiting more people and contributing to a cleaner world through low-carbon solutions.

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