Indonesia’s Pertamina expands green refinery to cut emissions


PT Kilang Pertamina Internasional (KPI), subsidiary of the state-owned company PT Pertamina, plans to modernize refineries and manufacture eco-friendly energy products as part of its commitment to help the government achieve net zero emissions (NZE) by 2060.

Via the Green Refinery initiative, the company aims to produce more environmentally friendly fuels using renewable feedstocks such as Refined Bleached Deodorized Palm Oil (RBDPO) or palm oil and, in the future, to produce biofuels using Used Cooking Oil (UCO).

Taufik Aditiyawarman, director of PT KPI, said that the development of the green refinery is the realization of the KPI’s dedication to producing quality and environmentally friendly fuels, and it is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) and NZE 2060.

Its Green Refinery in Cilacap, Central Java province, has managed to produce 100% green fuel called Pertamina Renewable Diesel (Pertamina RD), with a capacity of 3.0 barrels per day (KBPD) from RBDPO feedstock. It has exported Pertamina RD to Europe since 2022.

Another green fuel that can be produced through the green refinery is the Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) or bio-avtur for aircraft. Flight test with CN235 aircraft using SAF had been successfully undertaken in 2022 and is ready for testing on commercial flight in the near future.

The development of Green Refinery will continue, with Cilacap Phase 2 aiming to increase production capacity to 6.0 KBPD per day and diversify feedstock, including using UCO..

In addition to Cilacap-based plant, Pertamina plans to develop the green refinery in Plaju, with a production capacity of 20 KPBD of Pertamina RD, Bioavtur (SAF), and BioNaphta, which is aimed at completion in 2027.

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