June 07, 2023

From sea to land, China aims to trap 2mln tonnes of carbon

China has taken a major step forward in delivering carbon neutrality after launching projects to capture carbon. The projects located on land and at sea will help the country reduce the release of nearly two million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmos
June 07, 2023

UN controversial document sparks global debate on carbon offsets

A draft document to define a new global carbon market released last month by the United Nations elevated nature-based solutions like planting trees while downplaying the role of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) via machines or other forms of technology.
June 07, 2023

Ikea Adelaide store hosts Australia’s largest commercial microgrid

The Ikea Adelaide store now has Australia’s largest grid-connected commercial microgrid, which features a 1.2 MW rooftop solar system and a 3 MW/3.45 MWh energy storage system supported by Planet Ark Power’s eleXsys energy management system for surplus ex
June 06, 2023

Carbon markets predicted to face short-term price dips

Despite forecasting near-term declines in carbon prices amid political and macroeconomic uncertainty, market participants are optimistic that reforms will push compliance market prices higher in the coming years and the voluntary carbon market will grow t
June 05, 2023

Delta Air faces lawsuit over carbon-neutral claims

A consumer class action lawsuit filed Tuesday alleges Delta Air Lines inaccurately billed itself as the world's “first carbon-neutral airline” while relying on carbon offsets that were largely fraudulent.
June 02, 2023

Taking carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and turning it into vinegar

Researchers have made a catalyst that can turn carbon dioxide into acetic acid, a tremendously useful industrial chemical and food additive.
June 02, 2023

Extreme heatwave in Southeast Asia sparks concerns over surging energy demands

As temperatures soared above 45°C in South and Southeast Asia in recent weeks, governments faced challenges in meeting unprecedented electricity demands due to the widespread use of air conditioning.
June 02, 2023

Zimbabwe introduces stricter carbon credit regulations to combat greenwashing

Zimbabwe’s environment ministry plans to closely regulate voluntary carbon offset trading to curb greenwashing and ensure benefits go toward local communities.
June 02, 2023

Greenlandic rock flour can capture significant CO2, study finds

Rock flour produced by the grinding under Greenland’s glaciers can capture climate-heating CO2 when spread on farm fields, research has shown for the first time.
May 31, 2023

Indonesia hopes to become regional carbon storage hub

The Indonesia Carbon Capture and Storage Center (ICCSC) was established on May 30 with hopes to help propel the country’s agenda to become a regional hub for carbon capture storage (CCS) solution.