May 17, 2024

Microsoft asks 100% renewable energy for suppliers by 2030 amid data center expansion

Tech giant Microsoft is demanding that its primary suppliers use 100% renewable energy by 2030. This move underscores the pressure stemming from the company's significant expansion of data centers, which has led to a surge in carbon emissions.
May 16, 2024

Three major impacts of the U.S. imposing a 100% tariff on Chinese EVs

The Biden administration announced a significant increase in tariffs on Chinese imports, particularly raising tariffs on EVs to 100%. However, analysts believe that the potential ripple effects may not necessarily be beneficial for the United States.
May 14, 2024

Record 30% of global electricity sourced from renewables, driven by China

According to the European energy think tank Ember, global renewable energy generation has surpassed 30% for the first time. Notably, over half of the new green energy added last year came from China.
May 13, 2024

Shell accused of selling 200 million of “phantom carbon credits”

Energy giant Shell is accused of selling "phantom carbon credits" through a Canadian carbon capture project, which not only generated an additional revenue of 200 million Canadian dollars (about 140 million USD) but captured only half of the amount claime
May 08, 2024

Expert expects positive market signal as Verra’s Verified Carbon Standard gets ICVCM approval

Verra, a nonprofit organization that sets standards for environmental and social markets, announced on May 2 that its Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Program has received approval from the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (ICVCM).
May 07, 2024

Only 13% of carbon credit buyers have SBTi-approved net zero targets: MSCI

Most companies purchasing carbon credits have not been made net-zero pledges approved by SBTi. According to MSCI Carbon Markets, over the past decade, only 13% of companies using carbon credits have set long-term carbon reduction targets. The report furth
April 30, 2024

Seven countries now produce nearly all of electricity from renewables

According to recently compiled data, seven countries now generate almost all of their electricity from renewable energy.
April 29, 2024

IEA says drop in storage battery costs will boost transition to renewables

The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that a significant decline in battery costs for energy storage over the next few years will accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, as reported on Apr. 25.
April 24, 2024

Sam Altman ventures into renewable energy to tackle data center power demands

Sam Altman, OpenAI CEO, to address the massive power demands of data centers, has recently expanded into renewable energy, particularly focusing on solar power and energy storage, alongside investments in nuclear fusion technology.
April 23, 2024

New SBTi standard to drive renewable energy certificate market changes: expert

The Science Based Targeting Initiative (SBTi) will allow companies to offset Scope 3 emissions using carbon credits, a move that could trigger greenwashing controversies or significantly change the renewable energy certificate (REC) and carbon credit mark
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