Malaysia clean energy firm expands into Singapore, Brunei


Malaysian green energy company Solarvest Holdings Berhad is planning to enter the Singapore and Brunei markets to meet the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions.

Solarvest said in a statement on the 18th that this includes projects with partners in Singapore to advance the development of energy storage solutions in solar systems and improve energy stability and reliability.

The company has successfully secured nine industrial and commercial rooftops solar photovoltaic installation projects in Singapore and Brunei, with a total capacity of nearly 4 MWp.

Moreover, the company has a robust project tender book worth 60 MWp for rooftop solar PV projects in these two countries, enabling it to advance green energy solutions in both countries.

So far, the company has expanded its presence in Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Brunei. Such an expansion strategy allows Solarvest to access more foreign resources.

While expanding the market, Solarvest is also committed to promoting energy sustainability in the industrial and commercial sectors, especially in the development of energy storage solutions within solar systems. This is reflected in its MoUs with IDA Holdings Pte Ltd, a renowned multifaceted industrial consultant in Singapore, and Acumon Capital Pte Ltd, a multidisciplinary property developer and management company, respectively.

Davis Chong Chun Shiong, Director and Group CEO of Solarvest, said: "According to the Group's 5-year strategic roadmap, our expansion into the Singapore and Brunei markets represents a crucial step in strengthening our ASEAN market presence". He also added that this partnership represents a step towards a stronger green energy ecosystem, accelerating the adoption of green solutions by industrial players.

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