KLCC embraces food waste management for long-term sustainability


(Photo: KLCC)

Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) converted 23,950 kg of food waste into compost from January to December this year, utilizing its composting facility established in 2022.

This is part of KLCC’s five-year Sustainable Development Goals Roadmap to support the long-term sustainability of the business events industry by cutting carbon emissions and providing healthier menus.

With the rise of the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions sector and an increase in visiting delegates to Malaysia, KLCC is taking the initiative to promote a sustainable ecosystem, which comprises solutions for food waste management, composting, and healthier menus for their delegates.

KLCC also has Winnow system, rooftop herb garden and hydroponic farm. The Winnow system, implemented in 2022, monitors food waste and provides guidance to chefs, enabling them to redesign menus and adjust production volume to minimize food waste.

KLCC's general manager Alan Pryor harvests the first batch of salads grown on the venue’s rooftop. (Photo: KLCC)

During banquets, it tracks waste generated from each meal course and estimates potential portion reduction in the future without compromising on the quality of food.

To further reduce KLCC’s carbon footprint, it is now undergoing an accreditation process to provide menus that offer 25% healthier options for delegates. Besides, it is partnering with Green Attap to maintain its hydroponic farm.

Additionally, KLCC directs rainwater to the hydroponic farm via its rainwater harvesting system.

Green Attap is an urban farming solutions company founded by two single mothers. They aim to provide pesticide-free food for children while encouraging healthy and sustainable living amongst communities.

KLCC has recorded a 5% savings in total annual water consumption through its rainwater harvesting system. It aims to achieve a 15% reduction in both energy and water usage by 2027. Additionally, it has subscribed to the Green Electricity Tariff (GET.)

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