Manila Water signs solar PPA with Ditrolic Energy for green transition


Water and sanitation company Manila Water has inked a 15-year solar power purchase agreement (PPA) with energy provider Ditrolic Energy Philippines.

Ditrolic Energy will provide 2.5 MWp of renewables and cut a large portion of the three facilities’ daytime peak energy demand from conventional electricity suppliers, according to the agreement.

(Photo: Manila Water)

It will see Ditrolic Energy Philippines construct and manage solar facilities in three Manila Water sites, namely the East La Mesa Water Treatment Plant with 0.5 MWp, the Cardona Treatment Plant with 1.0 MWp and the San Juan Reservoir with 1.0 MWp.

This PPA will not only help Manila Water’s transition from conventional energy sources but also aligns with the company’s efforts to cut operational emissions.

Jocot de Dios, CEO of Manila Water said, “This project with Ditrolic Energy will be valuable for us in delivering essential services while continuing environmental stewardship for a sustainable and resilient future.”

Manila Water and and Ditrolic Solar Philippines sign the PPA on 24 November. (Photo: Manila Water)

According to Manila Water, the company in 2020 achieved an emissions reduction of 16,960 tonnes by buying at least 20% of its power from renewable energy.

Tham Chee Aun, Group CEO of Ditrolic Energy said, “We consider Manila Water a priority client, catering to the water needs of the east zone of Metro Manila. Recognizing their significance as a key water utility infrastructure in Manila, we are committed to supporting them on their path towards achieving net zero goals.”

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