Philippines publishes list of renewables projects eligible for renewable portfolio standards


The Philippine Department of Energy (DoE) has unveiled the list of operational renewable energy projects that are eligible for the country’s renewable portfolio standards (RPS), which require electricity providers to source a certain percentage of their energy from renewable energy projects. 

There are 62 solar projects with a total capacity of 1,312.9 MW, 36 hydropower facilities with a total capacity of 412.8 MW, 36 biomass schemes with a total capacity of 264.8 MW, seven wind farms with a total capacity of 409.9 MW, and six geothermal power plants with a total capacity of 218.5 MW on the list. 

In terms of solar power, the projects chosen range in size from 0.21 to 100.6 MW. The document shows that some facilities have already been operating under the country's FIT and net metering scheme, while others were expected to operate under the WESM or a bilateral power purchase agreement (PPA). 

Around 8.5 GW of renewable energy projects participated in the selection process, according to DOE Secretary Alfonso Cusi. 

The Department of Energy is mulling raising the minimum quantity of electricity contracted from renewable energy (RE) developers under the RPS plan to 2.52% starting in 2023. Currently, the minimum level is 1%. 

According to recent statistics given by the International Renewable Energy Agency, the Philippines had an installed PV capacity of 1.04 GW in 2020 under the country's renewable energy law. The majority of the country's solar farms were built under the previous feed-in tariff system, auctions, and net metering initiatives. 

Last June, the Philippines' government held a 2 GW renewable energy auction. It intends to install 15 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2030. 

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