Philippines sets goals to double solar, quadruple share of wind in power output


Bangui wind farm in Ilocos Norte, Philippines. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Philippines aims to increase solar power share to 5.6% and wind power share to 11.7% in 2030, up from 2.4% and 3.1% respectively in 2024, according to government presentation, potentially leading to one of the cleanest grids in the region.

The archipelago expects that an increased proportion of solar and wind energy will compensate for the decrease in other clean sources like hydropower and geothermal energy, aiming for non-fossil sources to make up 35% of power generation by 2030.

Mylene Capongcol, Assistant Secretary at the Philippines Department of Energy, said during the Renewable Energy Markets Asia conference that hydroelectricity's share is expected to decrease from 10% to 9.1%, while geothermal energy is expected to represent 7.7% of overall output by 2030, down from 8.9% in 2024.

She added in the presentation that the Philippines aims to achieve these targets by doubling solar capacity and tripling wind capacity over six years.

Philippines is betting on a rapid build out of offshore wind farms, which have high initial costs. Escalating costs amid high inflation have resulted in some developers cancel or postpone projects in the U.S. and Britain in last year.

Capongcol also said that the country plans to enhance its transmission infrastructure to accommodate the integration of renewables, aiming to add 1,200 MW of nuclear capacity by 2032.

The department will also launch a long-term program to facilitate the voluntary early decommissioning or repurposing of over 3.8 GW of coal-fired power plants which are over 20 years old, she said.

Philippines aims to reduce the share of coal in power generation to 47.6% by 2030, down from its current figure of about 60%.

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