Furnas to hold second auction of RECs in February


Furnas to hold second auction of RECs in February


Brazil's state-owned utility Furnas announced on Monday that its Second Auction of Renewable Energy Certificates will take place on February 17. The auction will provide Certificates to businesses who want to prove that the energy they consume comes from renewable sources.

Through the auction, three types of certificates with a 2021 generation base date will be offered, including the I-REC Certificates of Electric Energy from Hydroelectric Sources for Commercializer and for Final Beneficiar, as well as the RECFY Certificates of Electric Energy from FURNAS own platform, from hydric source for Final Beneficiary. Each certificate represents one megawatt-hour of renewable energy generated.

RECFY product stands for the Renewable Energy Certificate issued by RECFY Platform owned by FURNAS. The Mascarenhas de Moraes Power Plant, located between the states of RJ and MG, issued these certifications. Bureau Veritas certified the RECFY platform against the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program's principles and NBR ISSO 14.064-2:2007.

In February 2021, the first auction of FURNAS Renewable Energy Certificates took place. "With this endeavor, FURNAS solidifies its position as a key solution provider for the decarbonization in Brazil and around the world," said FURNAS President Clovis Torres.

According to Torres, the increased marketing of Renewable Energy Certificates is in line with firms' efforts to demonstrate that their greenhouse gas emissions are being offset. "Acquiring these certificates is a cost-effective and simply accessible option for businesses pursuing more sustainable policies," he said.

Interested companies need to submit the adhesion form and supporting paperwork no later than February 10.

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