I-REC transactions go digital with ENGIE’s online platform


I-REC transactions go digital with ENGIE’s online platform


ENGIE Brasil, Brazil’s largest private energy generator, has started the digital transaction of I-REC, a certificate proving the renewable origin of the power consumed, on Energy Place, a digital marketing platform developed by the company.

With the new function, which went live on May 2, firms of all sizes and sectors may quote and acquire the I-REC in an agile, simple, and secure way via the platform’s e-commerce.

The innovation responds to the growing demand from businesses to certify the origin of the energy used in their operations, an increasingly important sustainability requirement, as it demonstrates the commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with industrial activities.

The use of renewable energy has become a critical competitive differentiator in the context of tackling climate change, particularly for businesses who offer goods or services to large companies.

Purchasing I-RECs might thus be the first step for businesses to step towards decarbonization. It only requires knowing the company’s electricity consumption over a specific period, with no need for additional data.

Each I-REC is equivalent to 1 MWh of renewable power generated and is issued upon certification of the generating plant. In the case of ENGIE, two hydroelectric units operated by the firm are allowed for this purpose.

According to ENGIE’s Commercialization Director, Gabriel Mann, the I-REC offer at the Energy Place, which is available to clients who are not part of the Free Energy Market, reaffirms the company’s commitment to simplifying transactions involving the purchase and sale of energy.

“With this objective in mind, we have intensified the digitalization of processes and solutions that we offer to the market. We understand that this simplification contributes to accelerating the transition towards a carbon neutral economy, which is the purpose of ENGIE,” he said.

The I-REC purchasing procedure at Energy Place was developed to provide the buyer with agility, autonomy, and dependability. It is now able to carry out an online quote, generated in real time, and immediately know the price of the certificate after a simple registration and the insertion of the company’s consumption data.

Since its launch by ENGIE in 2020, the platform has introduced a series of new features and solutions. Among the most important is the purchase of energy for the short and long term, which is available to all agents of the Free Energy Market in a 100% digital format.

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