Changi Airport, Keppel initiate Singapore’s largest rooftop solar project


(Photo: Changi Airport Group)

Changi Airport Group (CAG) has embarked on a project in collaboration with Keppel, marking the commencement of construction for a vast solar PV system across the rooftops of Changi Airport’s terminals and a designated area within its airfield.

This project, scheduled for completion in 2025, represents Singapore’s largest single-site rooftop solar project and Changi Airport’s first venture into airfield solar systems.

With a total generation capacity of 43 MWp, the project will play a significant role in enhancing Singapore’s renewable energy production. Our of this capacity, 38 MWp will be installed on the roofs of the terminal buildings, while the remaining 5 MWp will harness solar power from a 40,000 square-meter turf area situated within the non-operational zones of the airfield.

The solar systems are projected to generate enough energy to power over 10,000 four-room HDB flats annually, facilitating a substantial reduction in carbon emissions by about 20,000 tons every year. It is a key part of Changi Airport’s broader strategy to enhance its sustainability profile and reduce carbon footprint, aligning with the nation’s goals for green energy adoption and carbon neutrality.

To tackle the challenges of installing solar PV systems in an airport setting, CAG and Keppel have conducted rigorous simulation tests to mitigate potential glare and glint effects that may impact air traffic controllers and pilots. It also ensures that the solar panels will not interfere with communications, navigation, and surveillance (CNS) systems, adhering to aviation safety.

Lim Yong Wei, Keppel’s General Manager, highlighting the project’s significance in propelling Changi Airport towards a more sustainable future. The solar system will be integrated with Keppel’s Operations Nerve Centre (ONC) for enhanced monitoring, fault detection, and maintenance, exemplifying a smart and efficient approach to renewable energy management.

As Changi Airport takes a step forward in its decarbonization journey with this solar project, it sets a new benchmark for airports internationally in the adoption of clean energy solutions and sustainability practices.

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