Cost-effective Nuada system could be game changer for carbon capture


Cost-effective Nuada system could be game changer for carbon capture


North Ireland-based company MOF Technologies said it has developed a new modular technology which will revolutionize the industry by cutting carbon capture prices to as low as 13 pounds per tonne of carbon dioxide.

MOF Technologies' Nuada system represents a step closer to commercialization of carbon capture technology due to its capacity to cut associated energy costs – often seen as the main hurdle to application at scale – by up to 80%.

By utilizing an ultra-efficient system driven by vacuum pressure swing adsorption technology combined with a metal-organic framework (MOF)-based filter, Nuada system’s energy costs could be significantly reduced.

Metal-organic frameworks are highly constructed filters that use specialized chemistry to target, trap, and remove specific gases such as carbon dioxide.

This selectivity, together with the capacity to regenerate with little energy input, distinguishes Nuada from existing amine solvent-based systems, which can consume up to 3.4GJ per tonne of carbon dioxide removed.

The key pull for carbon capture is its viability in offering firms in hard-to-abate sectors with a viable means to cut carbon while simultaneously maintaining a level of output essential for growth, remarked Conor Hamill, Co-CEO of MOF Technologies.

He went on to say, “Unlike traditional approaches, the modular system can be easily connected to a facility’s waste gas line without extensive redesign or installation work. The units can be scaled according to demand, giving businesses a non-invasive and far more cost-effective means of carbon capture.”

Having successfully completed tests of a prototype, MOF Technologies is currently building an in-field pilot plant.

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