Bangkok’s high school installs solar panels on campus roofs for energy saving


Saint Dominic School in Bangkok, Thailand, has installed 816 solar panels across three buildings on the campus. The school recognizes the importance of implementing sustainable practices to promote environmental protection.

One of the objectives of the school is to save energy by utilizing renewable sources in its infrastructure.

A total of 816 solar panels, with a capacity of 605 watts, covering an area of 2,000 square meters. The final phase of installation was finished in early 2023. 

A representative from the school said, “In addition to the environmental benefits, solar energy also serves as an educational tool, facilitates teaching and learning activities, and reduces electricity expenses. Our green initiative not only focuses on utilizing solar energy for electricity generation in schools but instilling a sense of environmental responsibility to foster a culture of sustainability by increasing green spaces and balancing nature.”

Solar panels featuring the latest technology, made of high-quality silicon, were initially set up in March 2022. These solar panels were installed on the rooftops of three buildings.

The school will reap several benefits from the solar panels. Through reducing monthly electricity bills, the funds saved from electricity expenses can be utilized towards other school needs.

Furthermore, the solar panels help reduce the heat reaching the roof. They provide shade during day, saving electricity as air conditioners operate with less strain.

In April, the Bangkok Post reported that depending on the type of solar panel, the installation cost, your rate of power consumption, and behavior, it can take an initial investment of around 200,000 baht. It may take around 5 to 10 years to break even, depending on the current electricity tariff, before you begin to make a profit. 

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