First green zoo in Thailand will be plastic-free, powered by renewables


The new zoo, dubbed Thailand’s first green zoo, in Thanya Buri district, will have a soft launch by early 2026. The zoo will ban plastic and be powered by renewable energy, according to Attapon Srihayrun, the director of the Zoological Park Organization (ZPO).

Attapon made the statements during a recent inspection visit to the site, where the entrance zone has been opened as a mini zoo. Work is still in the early stages, with workers clearing the land and preparing to install infrastructure, including a water drainage system. 

The new park will be three times bigger than the Dusit Zoo, which closed in 2018 after 80 years. The government has allocated 5.3 billion baht for the first phase of the project. 

Attapon said the first phase will feature many kinds of native animals from Africa and Asia such as elephants, giraffes and tigers. The country also will have its first Okapis, which look like a cross between a deer and a zebra.

“We expect to welcome visitors within the next three years. The facility will be the country’s first-ever green zoo. We will not allow plastic inside. All organic waste will be turned into fertilizer. The zoo will be powered by renewable energy, and we’ll have a water-recycling system. All trees will go towards carbon credits.” He said.

The second and final phase with a budget of 4.3 billion baht is planned to be completed in 2028. It will have two more zones for animals from South America and Australia.

According to Attapon, there will be around 100 species of both domestic and foreign animals, totaling about 1,000 animals.  He said the idea is not to pack in many animals but to build them a home with many trees to make them feel like living in their habitat. 

About 70% of the land is dedicated to animal living zones, including a territories zone which a variety of species will live “virtually” in the same place. Another 23% will be a bio-park zone and just 7% to cages. There will be a pond at the heart of the zoo, linking all areas together with the theme of wetland revival. 

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