Pattaya partners with Toyota on EV public transport to reduce pollution


(Photo: Toyota Motor Thailand Co.)

Pattaya City took a significant step forward on April 25 by introducing electric pickup trucks, Hilux Revo-e, for trial service known as the Song Taew, in a bid to revolutionize public transportation and address pollution.

This achievement is the result of a partnership between Toyota Motor Thailand Co., and the city of Pattaya, as outlined in a memorandum of understanding for the "Sustainable Urban Development Project Free from Pollution." The project's goal is to improve transportation and public transit systems in Pattaya through the adoption of green energy vehicles.

As part of the project’s strategy to reduce carbon emissions, the electric pickup trucks will be deployed for trial service as fixed-route public transportation vehicles from April 2024 to December 2025. These twelve EVs will operate along the “Route 4,” ferrying passengers from the Bali Hai Pier Parking Lot in South Pattaya to the Bang Lamung District Office.

The fare structure for this new service will be established by the Pattaya Cooperative, marking a pioneering move in country’s transportation landscape.

The trial period aims to assess the feasibility and effectiveness of integrating electric cars into the public transportation network, paving the way for a more modern and sustainable transit system in Pattaya.

Surapoom Udomwong, executive vice president of Toyota Motor Thailand, said that the pilot project is a partnership with Pattaya Municipality, aligning with its goal to establish a sustainable and pollution-free model city.

He mentioned that the company would operate on a multi-pathway system, offering various green models to cater to short, medium, and long-distance travel within Pattaya and its surroundings, including U-Tapao Airport.

He expected that the collaboration would aid Pattaya in achieving its goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions from the tourism sector. The project's overall objective is to reduce emissions by 4,225 tons by 2025.

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