Hanoi develops rooftop off-grid solar system to tackle electricity shortage


Hanoi’s Ministry of Industry and Trade representative said at Workshop on sharing experiences in developing solar power applications in industrial production in Vietnam on the 28th that northern Vietnam is recently facing a prolonged heat wave, so Hanoi had to reduce its power capacity by as much as 40%.

The long-term blackout has brought many difficulties to production and daily life, putting Hanoi's power supply under great pressure. In this case, the best solution is off-grid rooftop solar power system.

Businesses participating in the Workshop said that relying on traditional hydropower and thermal power production is not only difficult to meet the green energy standards of international partners, but also will seriously affect the quality, production time and delivery schedule if there is a lack of electricity.

Therefore, experts suggest that enterprises should look to supplement renewable energy such as solar and wind energy. Among them, solar power generation is currently attracting the most attention as it is easy to install on factory roofs, parking lots and open spaces in industrial parks. Experts also said that Hanoi has great potential to develop rooftop solar energy in buildings, state administrative agencies, hospitals, schools, etc.

In order to alleviate the problem of power shortage and encourage the development of rooftop solar energy, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued No. 74/BC-BCT "Ground plan on Encouraging the Development of Residential, Office, and Enterprise Roof Solar Generators".

According to the plan, the incentive mechanism is based on Decision No. 500/QD-TTg about approving the Power Development Plan 8, PDP8. One goal is for half of the city's office and residential buildings to have self-sufficient solar roofs by 2030.

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