Vietnam's first carbon credit program starts this fall


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Lilama 2 College, located in Vietnam Tien Giang Province, has announced its collaboration with British-based Pearson BTEC (Business Technology and Education Council), to introduce a carbon credit academic program, and become the first educational institute in Vietnam to offer a carbon credit academic program.

Nguyen Khanh Cuong, the principal of Lilama 2 College, stated that the program initially focuses on carbon credits related to factories, rather than forests or water sources sectors.

The program is set to begin enrollment in the fall of 2024, aiming to admit 25-50 students. According to the school's introduction, the carbon credit program offers two systems: a two-year specialty program, where students are required to have completed high school, and a six-month short-term course for applicants who hold bachelor's degrees in related fields.

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The curriculum covers carbon credit regulations, carbon emission calculations and professional knowledge, greenhouse gas (GHG) effect, carbon offsetting, carbon credit markets and management. Pearson will provide instructors, relevant software, and carbon credit calculation tools.

Cuong stated that to achieve Vietnam's 2050 net-zero goal, there will be a substantial demand for talent, estimating the need for 150,000 talents for the energy transition. He mentioned, “Upon completing the program, students can hold a post in both domestic and international factories or carbon-related organizations.”

Before this, the Vietnamese Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) also developed carbon credit-related courses in the colleges and universities it manages. They collaborated with the VOC, a local Ecosystem company, and Intertek, a quality assurance provider from UK, to develop a pilot program. This initiative approved the introduction of carbon credit courses in four universities and three colleges.

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