VinFuture Grand Prize 2023 honors 4 green energy scientists


The Grand Prize of the 2023 VinFuture Prize was awarded to 4 scientists, recognizing their innovations and breakthroughs in solar energy and lithium-ion battery research. Their contributions are acknowledged for bringing profound impacts on human sustainable development.

Martin Andrew Green, professor at University of New South Wales, and his research team pioneered the Passive Emitter and Rear Contact (PERC) technology, elevating energy conversion efficiency from 15% to an impressive 25% As a result, it allows for effective utilization even in regions with limited sunlight conditions.

Since its mass production in 2012, PERC solar cells have commanded a significant 60% share of the global solar cell market. This has significantly lifted the role of solar energy in the global energy landscape, making a substantial contribution to achieving goals related to reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Meanwhile, Prof. Stanley Whittingham (USA), Prof. Rachid Yazami (Morocco) and Prof. Akira Yoshino (Japan), all have made revolutionary developments in the field of lithium-ion battery. Over the past few decades, lithium-ion batteries have played a crucial role in providing safe, convenient, and durable devices for people of various regions and socioeconomic backgrounds.

At the award ceremony, the VinFuture foundation also paid tribute to the late German-American scholar John Goodenough for his groundbreaking invention enabled Lithium-ion batteries to be safely rechargeable, improving the efficiency and saving resources.

Vo Van Thuong, the President of Vietnam, awarded the VinFuture Main Prize worth $3 million USD to 4 winners. (Photo: VinFuture Prize)

Over 15 billion mobile devices and 26 million electric vehicles worldwide, including Vietnam's VinFast electric cars, rely on lithium-ion batteries. VinFast's VF e34, introduced in 2021, marked Vietnam's first domestically produced vehicle powered by lithium-ion batteries. As the world increasingly shifts towards renewable energy, the impact of lithium-ion batteries is expected to experience exponential growth.

The synergy of these two groundbreaking technological revolutions has promoted the widespread adoption and accessibility of clean energy in our everyday lives through the conversion of solar energy into electricity by PERC solar cells and storage by Lithium-ion batteries.

The VinFuture Foundation, a non-profit organization, established on International Human Solidarity Day on December 20th, 2020, co-founded by billionaire Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong and his wife, Mrs. Pham Thu Huong. This year, nearly 1,400 nominations originating from 90 countries competing for 4 awards. The top prize offers a substantial reward of 3 million USD, making it one of the highest awards globally.

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