US singer Billie Eilish to perform solar-powered set at Lollapalooza


US singer Billie Eilish has revealed that her headlining performance at Lollapalooza on August 3rd will be partially powered by solar energy. The initiative is part of the Music Decarbonization Project, which was co-founded by Eilish and the environmental non-profit organization REVERB.

The Music Decarbonization Project also falls in line with REVERB’s campaign to advance their climate solutions to directly remove carbon emissions created by the music industry.

The press release stated that intelligent, zero-emission battery systems, supplied by Overdrive Energy Solutions, will be used to power Eilish’s performance set. These battery systems will be charged through a temporary onsite “solar farm.”

This initiative aims to demonstrate clean energy technologies that can significantly reduce greenhouse gas pollution in the music industry and contribute to the energy transition away from fossil fuels.

Adam Gardner, co-founder of REVERB, expressed his optimism about the project, stating that he believes it will be a pivotal moment for the music industry. He emphasized that there are already viable climate solutions available, and by demonstrating this technology with one of the world’s most popular artists on a prestigious festival stage, they are hastening the necessary transition towards a decarbonized future.

The Grammy Award winner previously collaborated with Reverb for her 2022 “Happier Than Ever” world tour, where they set up Eco-Villages at her concert venues.

At these stations, fans were able to fill their reusable water bottles, register to vote and learn about environmental nonprofits, including those focused on climate change and environmental conservation. 

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