Tajikistan aims to produce 1 million tons of green hydrogen by 2040


Tajikistan plans to produce 1 million metric tons of green hydrogen by 2040 for usage at home and exports to neighboring central Asian countries.

Daler Juma, the Minister of Energy and Water Resources, who is visiting Japan to attend a Tokyo energy transition conference, said that the hydro-rich country planned to have 10 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2030.

"We are fully dependent on oil product imports... and are developing a road map for producing green hydrogen," he said on the sidelines of the event.

However, Juma did not elaborate on the financial details of the green hydrogen production plans.

Hydropower generates nearly all of Tajikistan’s electricity, while the country imports the majority of its oil product needs from Russia. According to the International Energy Agency, the country's hydro potential is only exploited at around 4% only.

According to Juma, Tajikistan plans to produce 500,000 tons of green hydrogen by 2030 and to double that amount by 2040 thanks to 'affordable competitive electric power', with 75% of that potentially aimed for exports to other Central Asian nations using fossil fuels.

But Juma also pointed out that due to climate change causing the melting of Tajikistan's glaciers, the country aims to have 10% of its electricity generated from sources other than hydropower, including solar and wind, by 2030, to diversify electric power sources.

Green hydrogen are fuels that do not produce carbon emissions in production and use. The use of these fuels is one of the energy transition solutions that have already begun to be utilized by advanced countries for power generation and electric vehicles. 

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