Taylor Swift raises concerns over carbon emissions from frequent travels


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American musician Taylor Swift has been taking the world by storm with her successful Eras tour, but critics are raising concerns about the negative impact on the environment due to her frequent air travel, which has resulted in large amounts of carbon emissions. 

In the last three months, Swift has been traveling by airplane more frequently than usual, taking a total of twelve flights to visit her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, in Kansas City and to celebrate her birthday in New York City.

The singer has accumulated an astonishing 138 tons of CO2 emissions in a relatively brief period. To offset the environmental effects of frequent air travels, she would need to plant over 2,200 trees, which would require a decade or so to mature.

One of the private jets owned by Swift is the Dassault Falcon 7X. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Swift was labeled as the top celebrity contributor to carbon emissions in 2022. The singer’s relationship with Kelce appears to make her a strong contender for the same title in 2023, as her visits to Travis in the past three months alone have led to the use of 12,622 gallons of jet fuel, totaling an estimated value of $70,779. 

The celebrity possesses a Dassault Falcon 7x and a Dassault Falcon 900, both of which are private jets. As per a representative speaking on behalf of Swift, the aircraft are also available for other famous people for their transportation needs.

The representative also said that prior to the start of the Eras Tour, Swift had acquired twice as many carbon credits as required to offset recent travel activity.

As a prominent figure with powerful influence, many believe that the celebrity has a responsibility to set a positive example when it comes to reducing carbon emissions and addressing climate change. 

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