Microsoft inks 100 MW solar power deal in India


Microsoft, the world’s largest technology company, has inked a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with Amplus Solar, a subsidiary of Malaysian oil and gas corporation Petronas.

The tech giant will acquire power from a 100 MW solar project being constructed by Amplus in the Indian state of Rajasthan under the agreement.

Microsoft has pledged to achieve carbon negative by 2030, and by 2050 it plans to remove all the greenhouse gas emissions that it has generated since its founding in 1975.

To attain carbon negative, the corporation has planned to obtain all of its electricity for its activities, including data centers, buildings, and campuses, from renewable sources by 2025.

Microsoft Malaysia managing director K Raman remarked that the announcement builds on the company’s long-standing partnership with Petronas, which now extends into sustainable business transformation.

He added that this strategic alliance will not only help the firm achieve its own sustainability goals, but it will also allow them to use cutting-edge digital technology to help Petronas move to a more sustainable future.

In addition, the two businesses will collaborate to create an intelligent platform powered by data and artificial intelligence (AI) to help Petronas reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Microsoft stated in its 2021 Environmental Sustainability Report that the company’s renewable energy purchases enhanced commercial revenue by 20% while reduced operating emissions by around 17%. However, its Scope 3 emissions climbed by approximately 23% in 2021 due to carbon emitted by the generation of electricity required to power its consumer products, as well as the fabrication of concrete and steel used in building.

According to the research, during the Covid-19 outbreak, there was an increase in the use of its Xbox and Surface devices, which accounted for approximately 30% of its Scope 3 emissions. The corporation states that it has plans in place to reduce these emissions, including investments in carbon offsets.

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