Huge untapped wind energy potential can facilitate India's green transition


India’s wind energy outlook looks bright, with an additional 23.7 GW of wind capacity expected within the next five years, according to the Wind Energy Market Outlook 2026 released by Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and MEC Intelligence (MEC+).

However, India needs necessary enabling policies, facilitative instruments, and the right institutional interventions for this to materialize.

Many projects have been delayed or put off due to the pandemic. The primary goal at this point is to get things moving so that India could take advantage of a significant chance to lead the world's transition to renewable energy.

As of March 2022, wind energy made up the majority of India's renewable energy mix, with 37.7% of cumulative installed capacity, but compared to the country's overall potential capacity, the current amount is rather insignificant.

There is a wind potential for 174 GW of fixed-bottom and floating offshore wind, in addition to over 600 GW of onshore capacity at hub heights of 120 meters. These figures show that a huge untapped wind energy potential in India could help India transit to clean energy.

Industry experts have urged the need for utilizing India's full wind potential, including offshore, to meet demand. According to the report, the pandemic and following global supply chain disruptions have impacted the Indian market.

To address this issue, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) granted a general schedule extension, which pushed the 0.7 GW of postponed projects to 2022.

There were 2.65 GW of wind/solar hybrid (WSH) contracts and 3.5 GW of standalone wind projects awarded between 2021 and till recently. The fact that both standalone and hybrid projects were oversubscribed signals the growing importance of wind energy in decarbonization and resilience building for the grid system.

Wind energy, which has played a supplementary role to solar energy, becomes crucial by continuously producing electricity to fulfill the expanding needs for renewable energy. India could also become a major hub for the supply of wind equipment, as the nation has already attracted new suppliers and established its position as one of the world's top exporter of large turbines.

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