Taipower’s Round 2 auction for renewables awards 60 companies


Taipower has announced results of its Round 2 auction for small-amount green electricity on Nov. 30, with 60 companies winning contracts, with the new bundle of “100,000 kWh for five-year period” receiving the most bids.

Tainan Salt Fields solar farm is one of the projects generating small-amount green electricity. (Photo: Ministry of Economic Affairs)

The auction, held on Nov. 15 and closed on Nov. 29, attracted 66 bidders this time and awarded 60 winners after eliminating six companies that are either unqualified or whose bid prices are too low.

According to Taipower, the bid prices ranged from NT$4.9 to NT$6, but some submitted bids at a price higher than NT$6.

Round 2 auction saw the contract for “100,000 kWh for five-year period” the most popular, followed by “10,000 kWh for one-year period” and “50,000 kWh for five-year period,” indicating companies’ preference for contract with more electricity and longer period as well as their willingness to try with smaller amount of electricity with shorter period.

Roughly 30% of the bidders this time are companies based in Taipei and Taoyuan, with large, small and medium-sized manufacturers accounting for more than 70%. The rest includes those from the wholesale, finance and insurance industries.

The auction attracted participation of members from the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection’s green electricity matching platform, which was registered by 82 new enterprise members this time.  

The two auctions have brought nearly 180 new members to register on the platform.

Round 2 auction saw more active requests and participation from enterprises, and the two auctions help understand businesses’ demand for green energy products, said Taipower.

Whether more bundles of green electricity will be introduced in the future depends on market supply and demand, Taipower added.

Regarding the Round 2 auction result, Taipower said some companies are still evaluating its own demand for green electricity and that green electricity demand will not become urgent until the EU’s carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) comes into force permanently in 2026.

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