Germany scales up energy transition to strengthen renewables industry


Germany has identified three core measures including financial support to boost energy transition technologies as well as increased green power generation and transmission to regain its position, Economics Minister Robert Habeck said on Tuesday.

"We must strengthen production capacities for renewable energies in Germany and Europe," he said at a press conference. "This is important for the success of the energy transition and to secure jobs and value creation."

According to Habeck, the three core measures are financial support for investments, hedging tools, and innovation subsidies. He also said that the nation would amend tax regulations to allow for a more rapid rollout of wind and solar power at the national level, as well as prospective collaboration with European initiatives.

He added that the latest proposals are in line with the European Commission's proposal to enable increasing amounts of state aid, which was released on February 1.

Beyond defense, they were also facing global competition and allowing competition with other economies, such as the United States, which has suggested tax credits for renewable resources and industry.

State bank KfW will be involved, but Habeck emphasised that the state's position would be that of a temporary enabler to gain the confidence of investors, not of a long-term stakeholder.

Berlin hopes to generate at least 80% of its electricity from wind and solar by 2030. In 2022, the share was 49.6%. With a drop in Russian fossil fuel supplies to Germany last year, this goal has become more urgent.

To get there, 57 GW of additional onshore wind turbines, 22 GW of offshore turbines, and 150 GW of solar capacity must be deployed, according to a report outlining important measures.

"It is highly urgent for us to recover lost territory in solar components very quickly," he said, adding that strengthening Germany's position did not mean excluding imports or participation by others.

Hermann Albers, president of industry group WindEnergie, said the new beginning must make up for a decade lost to what he called the "misdirected course" of previous governments.










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