New tech may speed up development of carbon capture lithium batteries


An international research team has developed a new technology that accelerate the development of catalysts for lithium-CO2 (Li-CO2) batteries. These batteries are affordable devices capable of storing energy and capturing harmfulemissions.  

This new mechanism, created through a collaboration between the University of Surrey, Imperial College London, andPeking University, speeds up the creation of catalysts for Li-CO2 batteries.

Currently, the methods used in the production of catalysts for Li-CO2 batteries are slow and ineffective, hampering their feasibility in the market. This project aims to overcome these obstacles and establish a path towards manufacturing batteries that are efficient and economical, delivering the dual purpose of storing energy and capturing CO2 emissions.

Dr. Kai Yang, co-leader of the project, said that the research team has developed a novel electrochemical testing platform in the form of a lab-on-a-chip.

The platform can perform multiple tasks at the same time. It aids in the evaluation of electrocatalysts, the optimization of operational conditions, and the examination of CO2 conversion in Li-CO2 batteries with high performance.

This new approach is more affordable, efficient, and manageable compared to conventional methods for producing these materials.

During the study, the researchers used the newly developed technology to assess the suitability of various substances, including platinum, gold, silver, copper, iron, and nickel, for the development of high-performance Li-CO2 batteries.

According to Dr. Yunlong Zhao, the primary author of this research, this novel tool will allow for rapid evaluation of catalysts, analysis of reaction mechanisms, and implementation in various fields, ranging from nanoscience to advanced carbon removal technologies.

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