New World Wind’s “wind trees” generate dual green energy discreetly


(Photo: New World Wind)

French energy startup New World Wind has developed the “WindTree”, a tree-shaped turbine equipped with micro-wind turbines called Aeroleaf Hybrid. These leaves capture the air as they rotate, and at the foot of each leaf, the petal reveals attached solar panels that help capture sunlight, enabling the Aeroleaf Hybrid technology to consistently produce energy in two modes.

The WindTree is almost 10 meters tall, its microturbines resemble leaves, seamlessly blending into the urban environment. They can operate in very light winds, starting from as low as 9 km/h.

The technology aims to generate renewable energy in urban areas, providing a solution that is silent, discreet and eco-friendly.

Each Aeroleaf can generate up to 1,000 kWh of power per year, which means that a whole tree can produce up to 36,000 kWh in optimal conditions. That's enough to power a small building, urban infrastructure, and equipment such as street lighting or charging stations.

(Photo: New World Wind)

Moreover, this solution presents an aesthetically pleasing alternative to large wind turbines typically situated far from urban centers and to traditional solar panels, which might lack visual appeal. However, each WindTree costs over €50,000, although there are more compact models available.

Developed several years ago, the WindTree has gained popularity as an alternative energy solution and can now be spotted in many cities worldwide. One notable installation stands at Stade Roland-Garros, the venue for the French Open tennis tournament, located just outside Pairs.

The choice of WindTree to installed depends on the consumer’s needs. Its colors can also be changed from the trunks and branches to the leaves. Personalization is central, as it can incorporate LED lamps, serving as both a lamp post and equipped with a charging station for electric vehicles or USB ports so people can sit beneath the tree-shaped wind turbine and charge their electronics devices.

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