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The Necessary Path toward Carbon Neutral

The Southeast Asia Renewable Energy Market x Global Carbon Trends Annual Report delves into the current state of renewable energy development in the world's manufacturing centers of Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore, as well as the state of carbon markets and energy policies in Europe, the U.S., and Asia. 

With a comprehensive overview and insightful analysis of the renewable energy markets in these six Southeast Asian countries, the report assists businesses in assessing the feasibility of renewable energy investment and development, mitigating carbon risks, and facilitating decision-making on environmental issues.

Getting to grips with the renewable energy and carbon markets at once

Getting to grips with the renewable energy and carbon markets at once

  • ✔ Renewable energy market status and challenges in Southeast Asia
  • ✔ Dynamics of EU, China, and South Korea's carbon markets
  • ✔ Comparison of Europe's carbon tariffs vs. U.S. emissions trading
  • ✔ Status and trends of carbon policies in Asia Pacific
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Against the backdrop of climate change, achieving net-zero emissions has become crucial for businesses to maintain competitiveness. As the heartland of global manufacturing, Southeast Asia is witnessing increasing urgency for green transition, with renewable energy and carbon trading mechanisms playing integral roles in the global energy transition.

The Southeast Asia Renewable Energy Market x Global Carbon Trends Annual Report explores the challenges and opportunities facing the region, providing insights into emissions reduction strategies and progress in electricity decarbonization in the countries as a reference for historical progress and trend analysis.

Exploring the future of Southeast Asian markets: Opportunities and challenges

As Southeast Asia's power mix transforms, this report unveils the key drivers and challenges of the regional renewable energy market. It outlines a clear energy procurement path for your business and unlock manufacturing potential.

Capturing the dynamics of global carbon market

The opportunities created by the carbon market are developing globally. Currently, there are 34 trading systems in operation. This annual report explores the dynamics and prospects of leading carbon markets such as the EU, China, and South Korea, providing investors with a clear overview of the carbon market.


This report combines carbon prices and trading volumes with professional market insights, providing companies with optimal data-driven procurement strategies to effectively reduce carbon costs.

Tracking the latest carbon policy development

2024 marks a critical turning point for global carbon policies, such as the EU's Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and the U.S.’ Clean Competition Act (CCA), both of which could potentially increase costs for businesses.

This report provides an in-depth analysis of how energy policies will affect carbon costs and trading patterns in various regions, as well as an analysis of investment potential, supply chain optimization, and carbon risk management strategies to turn risks into opportunities for green transition in the face of imminent regulatory pressure.

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